Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wildlife Watering Hole

I mentioned my critter watering hole in my last post. Thought I should show you what I was talking about.critter water

If you leave motors or electrical stuff sit too long in our humid weather, pretty soon nothing works. We came back from a 2-3 month boat trip and our water pump wouldn’t work. Jim had to spend a couple of hours getting it going. So the next time we went, I left the hose drip very slowly. It would start the pump at least one every two days.

I let it drip on the tangelo tree. No need to waste water. Once the weather warmed up the birdbath started getting pretty hot by mid-day and no one was getting a drink.

I took an old dog watering dish and screwed it to the fence post.  Hose drips in it and keeps it full. (birdbath would be dried out in a week). Every third day I turn the water up to a slow steady stream for a few hours. It cleans the dish out and gives the Tangelo tree a good soaking.

Do the birds like it?5.6.09 051c

I think so.

How about the Squirrels?5.6.09 026c

Yup!!  They almost line up and take turns. Good clean and fairly cool water, and I can go away and not worry about it going dry.


  1. Very clever solution. Now your squirrels will never go away! Good thing you got a squirrel-proof bird feeder.

  2. It's always nice to have a water source for the nature's visitors. Great idea!

  3. A great solution and all the critters appreciate a refreshing drink of water. Cute bird and squirrel.


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