Monday, January 18, 2016

We have several stumps that will not split... Jim  cuts them almost through with the chain saw ..

He then uses the maul/splitter to quarter them  

This is his latest tool....he made this for the quarters to sit in so he can cut them up with the chainsaw.

We don't waste anything....our wood splitter died so we have to use some Yankee ingenuity.

This is what we end up with

 Still have a few more to go....

This is one of our original wood piles.
 This is the other...we now use them for the kindling.
 After taking down several trees this summer..(.trees that were getting hollow inside and could have fallen on our home during a big storm)...Jim built this woodshed.

This is the wood stove that is on our screen room/porch. 
We built this room for my Mother when she was here. It has sliding doors so it can be closed in. This stove  is what we heat with during the winter. If it is below 60* we have a fire. Jim even put in kitty doors so the cats could come in and enjoy the heat.   I have chili cooking on the stove....great place to do stew and spaghetti sauce...                                                                                                          
I don't think I would enjoy Florida this much if I could not have a wood stove and a reason to use it...not that I'd want to live in VT or NH again....toooo cold.  I enjoy snowy photos on others blogs.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Robins come every year ..just about the time the Pepper Bush berries are ripe. There are huge flocks.
 I am planting all the "stalks" left over from the caterpillars. I hope to have 2 large beds of Milkweed for the Queens and Monarchs.
 There are 2 Cedar Waxwings with this group.  Don't know why but they come in with them each year.
 Love to see there are none in your yard you know where they are.