Friday, May 1, 2009

My new squirrel proof feeder

I ordered a new feeder that is supposed to be squirrel proof.  5.1.09 new feeder 001c.jpg We’ll see. If it works as it’s supposed to…I’ll order another one for the back yard. Then I will be able to put out a fair amount of feed and not have to worry about running out when we take a few days on the boat.

We put it on a cable that is strung between two palm trees. The Titmice were the first ones to find it.5.1.09 new feeder 006.JPG (3)

I would like to have it closer to the house for pictures. This is about all the zoom my small camera has. But, here, it will have a bit of shade for most of the day. I am thinking this will be better for the seed and perhaps create less condensation inside. The FL summer sun can be brutal on everything.

This one has a divider so there are 4 compartments. I will put sunflower seed in one section for the Titmice and Cardinals and a mix in the others.

The feeder has been up for almost 3 hours. Looks like we might get a test sometime soon.5.1.09 New feeder 008.JPG (1)

We were in NY and VT for 3 weeks and I missed the migration of the Buntings. I only got home last night but have not seen any today. I did notice that while the Buntings were here I had no Titmice coming to the front feeders….they are here now. Coincidence?  or just don’t feed together?  I don’t know.


  1. Love the shot of the squirrel ready to test the new feeder! To get to our feeders this winter a squirrel had tunnels under the snow. We had to admire his industry, and he didn't seem to be able to get up the cedar posts that we had the feeders mounted on. However, he had plenty of good pickings on the deck and ground where the birds had tossed them. I got a photo of him in mid-flight when we came home unexpectly (for him) last night. Unfortunately the one of him and his friend was a bit blurred.

  2. Hi Carol, Love your new feeder... I despise squirrels and chipmunks getting in my feeders. The squirrels here don't both the feeders--but the chipmunks drive us crazy!!!!

    Hope the feeder works. You yard down there is so beautiful... I love seeing all of the 'green' stuff!!!!!

    Have a great week. We're off to the beach tomorrow for a week.

  3. Hi Carol, Thanks for the visit!
    Do you have deer in your area? The only thing I put out, during the winter months, is shelled corn. They know when they see me or hear the container that it's time to eat. I love it!

    As far as the squirrels...I use a fool-proof, though not pretty system...and it works. I string a piece of wire clothesline from one tree to another. On each end of the line I put two empty soda bottles and hang the feeders in between. When the squirrels get on the line and reach the bottles, they spin. It's so funny!

    But, yes there's always a but! When the bears come in, they take the whole darn thing down!
    However, it's easy to put right back up again.
    Hope this helps. You may just have the right feeder though, good luck.


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