Monday, May 4, 2009

Albin 27 our home away from home…

This is the boat we spend our time on. It’s an Albin 27. Nice sleeper berth, galley and fairly large cockpit. Very comfortable. We spent most of the winter on it. We took it to Key Biscayne, S of Miami, by way of the St Johns River to Jacksonville, FL and down the ICW. The ICW was nice…love looking for dolphins…but you can not beat the St Johns River for wildlife!!

The Manatees come into Blue Springs during the winter. You can beach a boat or kayak and walk into the springs from the river. There is a spot to anchor, if you can’t beach, a short ways N, and you can dingy in. That’s what we do. I took these in late Jan ‘ Blue Springs, Hoontoon Island 039.JPG 1.19.09 Blue Springs, Hoontoon Island 042c.jpg

The pictures of the Bald Eagle etc were taken while out on the boat. I’ll be adding gators and more waterfowl as soon as we get back in the water. This is our Albin.anchored in Silver glen

The Albin 27 , below, showed up in Silver Glen Springs, just off of Lake  George. It has a hardtop.  Jim has been wanting to put one on ours…after he saw this one he’s sure he wants one. Me too! Beautiful boat…Muskrat Love..out of Welaka, FL.3.12.09 004.JPG

If you follow my blog for very long…you will see I like all the wildlife around us, I love our boat and being on the water.  So keep checking back…you might be surprised at what you’ll find.


  1. Beautiful photos and lovely boat! I'm looking forward to seeing wildlife from your part of the country. It is so different from what we have here in Alaska. Our country has such wonderful and varied ecosystems, and I think we are at the extremes of each.

  2. Carol and Jim, I'm loving the Albin! This is the peace I've been needing for so long. Living aboard has been a lifelong dream for me, so it feels like a major blessing now, being disabled and 62. I still get a lot of wonderful comments on her, even from old timers with years of boating and liveaboard experience. Sitting in the cockpit now, writing this on a cold February morning. Still at Kennedy Point Marina, but aiming to the Keys as soon as funds permit. God bless you guys and keep you floating!
    Joris aboard "Slow Motion"

    1. Our "home away from home" is now your home. I'm so glad you love her as much as we did. Enjoy...cant wait for you to head S..get that travel blog started so I can follow along.


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