Sunday, May 24, 2009

Armadillo… under my screen room?

A few evenings ago, I was on the computer when my husband called me to get the camera. This Armadillo was wandering around the backyard.Armadilo 036cs

He was kind of darting to and fro, and didn’t seem to realize I was following.Armadilo 037cs

He raised up several times but I wasn’t able to get a clear picture of him standing on his hind legs. It was like he was sniffing the air to see where I was. Once he spotted me he headed for under the screen room. This next photo is blurry but you can see his big claws.Armadilo 039cs

They eat mainly insects and I was surprised to read they also eat ants. I had suspected it, since most of the big holes in the yard are where there were fire ant mounds. My husband was all for encouraging him to move someplace else until I told him about the fire ants. Normally after a big rain there will be several big mounds. So far, nothing. I guess he’s been a busy little eater. The holes in the yard are pretty deep so he’s getting the whole mound.


  1. They aren't the most beautiful critter in the world, Carol, but if they kill off the fire ants, I know they will be welcome in your yard.

    Have a great evening --and Memorial Day..


  2. Yoiks! That must have been a surprise. But if he eats the ants, maybe not so bad to share your yard with him.

  3. I like the triangle and circle patterns on the armadillo's armor. You sure have interesting wildlife in your area. Nice post!

  4. Carol, great Images.
    Fancy a Armadillo in your own back yard.

  5. Very nice. I wish we had an armadillo to help control the fire ants!

    Daniel (

  6. That's quite a surprise. I will never forget the time a little Mexican girl tried to sell an armadillo to me at a speedbump. She put it right up to my face and it scared me. I had wished I had bought it and then let it go free. That was in the Yucatan in the late 1980s. Glad I found your blog by your comment on mine. I will follow!

  7. Our backyard critters are furry and cute ...chipmunks, squirrels and rabbits. Yours are interesting for sure!

  8. That armadillo is sure an interesting looking critter!

  9. He's cute! However, I wouldn't want him in my yard... hopefully they can't get into my screen rooms Florida...


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