Saturday, May 30, 2009

Northern Parula Warbler and young one

I have been following the singing of the Northern Parula Warbler all over the yard. I can hear it in the trees but can only catch a glimpse. I decided to take a walk with the camera and see if there were any insects I could find that would be interesting, when I heard it singing again and some cheeping. I could see some activity in the tree above me so I started taking pictures. I couldn’t see anything in the camera. They are so small. I was thrilled to get 2 pictures that were so so. Here’s the baby waiting to be fed.

N P W 014cs

Here’s mom or dad and the little one.

N P W 012cs

I have been trying to get pictures of this little bird for months, so I am not going to complain about them. Even more thrilled to get the baby.


  1. Nice captures! I've always wanted to see those birds- maybe one fine day. :)

  2. Good going! I've never seen one of those.

  3. You did end up with 2 great captures here. I bet the songs they sing are pretty as well.
    Smiles Barbara

  4. Fantastic that you were able to get these shots. It's amazing how the camera can pick up things that you can't see. It's so exciting when you load pictures on your computer and realize you've captured something you didn't know you had.

  5. You're so lucky! Northern Parulas are just gorgeous birds, but I haven't ever had any luck photographing them—and you've got a whole family! Enjoy their company!

  6. I have a beautiful male Parula that just flew up to me as I was taking a short coffee break at work. He just flew to me and sat down. While looking him over I noticed his right foot appeared to be injured so I placed him in a box for transporting and brought him home. My intention was to turn him over to a local bird rescue group for care and/or release but, he started using his foot on my finger and then on the perch of the cage my son picked up, so now we are going to set him in the bushes of our backyard so he can feed and carry on his migration south. I only have one photo of him on my cel phone so I'll post it when I have the time.
    Mel Clark
    Va. Bch. Va.


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