Saturday, May 16, 2009

Osprey on the St Johns River, FL

We spent a few days on the boat. My next few posts will probably have some of the wildlife we saw.

On Lake Monroe, I took these pictures of an Osprey nest on one of the channel markers. 5.12.09 022 These markers are a favorite spot for the Ospreys, since they eat mainly fish, and there very few that don’t have a nest on them. They are a very large bird that can have a wing span of 6ft.

This nest had 2 youngsters in it.5.12.09 026c

The next nest was on the Manatee Zone marker.5.12.09 030 Look at the face on this little guy.5.12.09 030c

As we circled around for a closer look, Momma came zooming by, trying to distract us.5.12.09 023c

Farther up the river I spotted this one on the riverbank. I don’t know if he was fishing or getting ready for a bath.5.15.09 048c

When an Osprey catches a fish and flies with it, the fish is facing forward so it’s more aerodynamic and doesn’t slow the flight down.  I think the Osprey has outer toes that reverse and this allows it to hold it’s prey that way.


  1. Super photos. Osprey are such awsome birds! Ours are back on their nests here in Scotland too :o)

  2. Such great shots of the Osprey's!! My favorite is the third one. Can't wait for the crane pictures!

  3. What great pictures! It must've been really exciting to see their nest so close.

  4. Great pictures. Do you know that a amateur ornithologist (?) for Jacksonville, Florida Sam Grames(?) was the first to notice that the Osprey flow with the fish facing forward. He was not believed until he get a picture of it.

    Sandy a Jacksonville native

  5. You've got a blogging award! Go to my blog to see!


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