Monday, May 18, 2009

The Carolina Wren

Although the Carolina Wren isn’t as beautifully colored as the Painted Buntings or the Indigo Buntings, they are still a pretty little bird. It has a very loud voice. We don’t need alarm clocks. This is our early morning wake-up call.warbler 004.JPG warbler 005.JPG

You can hear them most any time of day, even with the windows closed. They are not only fun to watch as they flit on and under the deck, or along the fence, but they eat lots of insects and spiders. We have a large variety of bugs here!!

Jim has a pair nesting in the shop. I like all the lacy looking leaves. wren 015.JPG

He has a small hole in the window screen so they have access to the nest even when the shop is locked up.4.4.09 010.JPG

4.4.09 008.JPG

This nest is in a little bird box on my back porch.Carolina Wren home

Here’s a look inside

5.6.09 033

No eggs yet, but it looks comfortable with all the feathers.


  1. Your Carolina wren looks like a sweet little bird. Here in Arizona, we have cactus wrens that have a similar white eye stripe. All of those nesting materials in the box look soft and cozy.

  2. Hi Carol, I love Carolina Wrens.. They can really SING can't they???? You'll need to come to my blog to see my baby bluebirds...


  3. I enjoy reading about your life! The albin boat looks just right. we have house wrens here and they are non-stop singers all the live long day! I don't complain tho, my rooster joins in

  4. Oh, how sweet of your hubby to cut away an access to her nest!! I love the song of the wrens. They are such a sweet little thing! Very nice post!

  5. Hi Carol,

    These birds are so beautiful. Thank you for looking at my website and your kind words. I would love ask you about reviewing my website: Thank you for sharing your blog with me. I love looking at your entire blog.


    Crystal K.


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