Sunday, May 10, 2009

Squirrel Feeder? I don't think so!!!

This has been the best "bird" money spent. We have had more fun watching the squirrels test the new feeder. One tried it 5 times before he finally gave up. It's fun to see them study it and try from different angles. This is better than watching TV.

"WOW!! I made it!"

"I'm almost there".....
"Look at all that seed!!!!"

" what do I do? OOPS! I'm sl i i i ding.."

Now watch the video.


  1. What a fun video! That new feeder is really working for you--not to mention providing entertainment. Squirrels are persistent little critters. My husband has an ongoing battle going with them, so looks like a feeder I might need to try.

  2. YEA.. Go Carol! Being clear certainly makes it look even more appealing, and prettier than those ugly soda bottles on my line! Glad it works.

  3. I could probably watch that all day long! They are so funny (as long as you've outsmarted them).

  4. What type of feeder is this? Was it expensive? My parents are always looking for a squirrel-proof feeder and this looks great!

  5. Hi Carol, What a neat feeder. Where did you get it? Wild Birds Unlimited???? Our squirrels don't seem to bother our feeders --but the chipmunks drive us crazy.

    I'm going to check this one out. Thanks!

  6. I bought if from one of the advertisers on my website. You have to shop around. I found one for about $10 less on one site but shipping was a bit more. It was still cheaper. As soon as I had it ordered I received an email from one of the other sites I had been pricing on and they offered me free it pays to shop.

    We've been gone for 5 days...still lots of feed. I had been worried the raccoons would bother it, but so far they havnt.

    You can tell by the size of the squirrel that it is a fairly large feeder..holds lots of seed.


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