Monday, March 30, 2009

Painted Bunting 3.30.09

We have several pairs of Painted Buntings show up at our feeders for the past few years. There are currently 4 pair. They have been here since Nov. c I can tell a couple of them apart by the color on their backs. tearing down the block 020 c This one has a dark line across the light yellow. Unless you see the rest of them at the same time you will think there are only 2 males…I was lucky to see  4 males on the feeder at once. One has a distinct orange tint on his back and is easy to spot.  It is possible that there are more.

The female is a very pretty green.copy In the photo below, she is sitting with a male Painted Bunting and a male Indigo Bunting.birds 3.27.09 039 c There are 4 male Indigos, also. I had thought there were only 3 but they are all in different stages of getting their color. I spotted one yesterday that had only a small amount of blue.