Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Honey Bee

I don’t see many Honey Bees back here in the jungle, most of the time. They do come when the Tangelo Tree and the Elder Berries are in bloom. I know they are in the blossoms of the palm trees but they are so high I can’t see them. A few come to the Bottlebrush. This one was here in April.4.3.09b 024cs2

My neighbor has a couple hives and his honey is good. If you have allergies, it helps to eat a little honey everyday. But, it must be local honey. The bees need to be picking up the pollen that you will be exposed to. Many people believe bee venom is good for arthritis, multiple sclerosis and other diseases. 4.3.09b 022cs1

I’m not allergic to bees and it would be nice to have a hive.  Here’s a closer look.4.3.09b 022cs 4.3.09b 024c

He’s working very hard to help my Tangelo Tree produce well. I’m surprised any show up with all the Orange Groves nearby.


  1. Great pictures of the honey bees, Carol... We have them here --but I've never seen a hive. There were tons of them around when the Rhododendrons and Azaleas were blooming.

    Thanks for the info about their honey. I had no idea it had so many different uses. NEAT!!!


  2. What a wonderful creature, pollinators are fundamental to life. Here in the UK they think that the wild honey bee has died out. Thanks for posting.

  3. Nice post. I've often wanted to do a taste test of different varieties of honey- ie, honey from bees that have Tupelo trees as their primary source, or Sourwood trees, etc. so that I could learn how much the taste varied. "Experts" typically tout the taste of honey produced from Tupelo tree blossoms as being some of the finest. I imagine that honey from a Tangelo Tree would be pretty good as well!

  4. What lovely flowers. I go to the farmers' market to get local wildflower unpasteurized honey in the hope that it will help with seasonal allergies. Even if it doesn't, it tastes good!

  5. These are great macro shots, Carol. Mmm, honey...that makes me want biscuits. LOL I think it would be interesting to have a hive. Maybe it would help get over my fear of bees. Actually, I'm just afraid of yellow-jackets now, well, those and any winged creature that has the misfortune to be trapped in the car with me.

  6. Love love those little worker bees! I'm seeing a few in and around my garden now!!
    "bee venom is good for arthritis" !!
    I must get a bite!!

  7. Beautiful photos of the bees.

  8. Great photos of the honey bees. I started with bees this year. I was tempted to dip in and get some of the honey and pollen for my allergies but didn't want to ruin the honeycomb on that frame. They're really starting to build up more honey now though so I might try it.

    Getting local honey is the best. I used to buy it from a local--now he's my mentor.


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