Friday, May 22, 2009

Sandhill Cranes

In  February we spent some time on the St Johns River, FL. If you follow along with the blog you’ll find that’s one of our favorite places. Each time we go I see something that I’ve somehow missed before.

We took a side trip up Blue Creek. It is just a nice meandering loop off the river, on the S side of Lake George.

I was surprised to see these Sandhill Cranes standing within a short distance from the creek, in what appeared to be wetlands.Sandhill Crane 1

We have seen them several times, but always in a drier area.  In Nebraska, we have seen huge flocks of them.

I don’t know one Sandhill Crane from another, but according to Wikipedia, there are only about 5000 of the Florida Sandhill Cranes left. They are protected here.Sandhill Crane 2

They are very large birds. Beautiful and graceful.


  1. Carol, Your sandhill cranes are gorgeous. Wonder what they are saying to each other????? ha


  2. Beautiful photos! I'm sure this sighting doesn't compare with the hordes you saw in Nebraska, but it's special to see them in your own area. One interesting thing about the Florida Sandhill Cranes is that they don't migrate. Strange when other varieties migrate such long distances.

  3. Nice nature blog you have..thanks for the follow.
    i have added you to my blogroll for florida.
    Happy birding..dont you just love the Sandhills?

  4. That's pretty neat that you get to see them, especially since there aren't many left. It's sad when you hear about dwindling populations of different birds and animals.

  5. i agree with betsy.

    does the bright red frontal plate shine in the sun? if so, that would be a spectacular sight.

    thank you for your support of "digiscoping today", week 3 is now up and running and it would be great if you could add more of your lovely digiscoping images.

    Happy birding

  6. Great photos! I've yet to see a Sadhill Crane.-I followed up on a tip of one that was reported in Connecticut but never found it.

  7. I've never seen a Sandhill Crane in the wild. Great photos! Glad to hear they are protected in Florida.

  8. Big beautiful birds alright! I can't imagine what they must look like it flight!

    5,000 sounds like a lot but I know in reality it isn't. Hopefully they will make a comeback in the next few years.



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