Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Five-lined Skink

I was outside fixing my critter watering hole and when I started down the steps, after adjusting the water flow….I almost stepped on this Five-Lined Skink. 5.5.09 012c

Look at the “weave” like pattern of it’s hide.5.5.09 015c

Notice the lines along the tops of its feet. It about 5” long.   They are really very pretty, but don’t normally hang around long enough for you to get a good picture. I was surprised it was still there after I reached back inside for my camera.  I guess I will have to learn to work outdoors with it hanging around my neck.


  1. Terrific photos! I have never seen a skink before. Looks like a snake with legs but quite different from lizards in my desert area.

  2. Beautiful little lizard. That's something we don't see here. We also don't have snakes--too cold in the wintertime. For that I am very grateful, as snakes are a phobia of mine. Guess I've lived too long where they don't.

  3. Interesting shot of a little critter that I am not familiar with.

    That is quite some boat you have for your home away from home, Wow!


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