Monday, November 17, 2014

Honey Bees on blue wildflowers 11.17.14

I noticed these flowers last year while on a bike ride.

The Honey Bees were working them pretty hard so I dug up a few and planted them in my yard. Not only do the bees like them…..they smell wonderful. This bush is just outside my bedroom window.


This is the first I’ve seen the bees on them. There is so much food out there.


Here are a couple hard at work. They go from flower to flower.


I did not see any gathering pollen from these flowers. Her abdomen looks pretty full….she’ll be heading back to the hive shortly.


They are such beautiful little creatures.




The camera does not do the color of the flowers justice. They are really a beautiful baby blue.

Looks like you are stuck looking at Honey Bees for awhile.

Gulf Fritillaries

This Gulf Fritillary pupated on the side of the Butterfly House.

Here she is just starting to emerge.




No matter how many times I watch butterflies emerge I am always amazed.

I think the underside of the wings are even prettier than the outside…


These 3 pupated in the top of the cage and all 3 emerged within minutes of each other.


The Passion Flower Vine is their larval plant.


These are the flowers.


I’ve got 2 more pots of them started. I hope to put several in the ground in the spring and have them grow around some of the Cabbage Palms.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Veteran’s Day

Thanks to all who have served to protect our country and give us all the freedoms that we have.

It’s not an eagle…


We were sure surprised when it picked our flag to sit on…


and then looked at me as if wondering if I got the picture.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Wild Asters starting to bloom 11.5.14

I noticed that a few of my Asters were starting to bloom. today I saw a few Honey Bees working them.


The flowers are a pale blue/lavender color with a bright yellow center. My camera does not pick up the beautiful  color.


They grow wild around here and my neighbor has a big stand of them. Last year he let me dig up some to put around my yard.


They are growing…these are a few of them. Most are not open yet. I am hoping that they will reseed and continue to expand their area.


Maybe next year I will have several large stands of them. I like planting “bee food” and especially if it is a wild flower that will come back every year…bigger and better.