Thursday, May 27, 2010

Guess where we are…

Boating again…..I posted pictures and a video on my boating blog   of a Yellow Crowned Night Heron and her 2 little ones on 5.21.10     and pictures and video of an Osprey on her nest with 2 little ones on 5.25.10

Thanks for stopping by. Should be back home shortly.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

female Blue Dasher 4.27.10

I got all excited today….I saw something buzzing around my newly set up bee hive… I grabbed my camera and headed out back…..

Unfortunately it was not a Honey Bee….but a female Blue Dasher.047cs

So I started following her round the yard.  She finally landed on the remnants of a jasmine bush.050cs

Once she started posing for me it was hard to stop snapping away.068cs

The light reflecting off her wings show beautiful colors as if thru a prism…but I couldn’t capture it …she’s a pretty little thing though…..081cs

Not as stunning as the Eastern Amberwing I managed to catch last year…(June…Dragonfly?)    but still beautiful.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Pileated Woodpecker 4.23.10

I have seen this Pileated Woodpecker in the driveway several times. I toss Babe’s (my Lovebird) oyster shell out there for the birds to pick over. I wonder if that’s what she’s after.Pileatedcs

This is a very big bird….about 12” tall. Very beautifulPileated3cs


I took these pictures from the video at the end.

Pileated 4cs

I am sure there is one nesting in an old tree out back.