Thursday, May 28, 2009

Northern Parula Warbler

I have been listening to this little bird for months. I was able to get a very bad photo of him in February. It was just good enough to check with my bird book to be sure what it was.

They are so small and quick that I’ve been having a terrible time trying to capture a picture.

I stepped onto the front porch to watch the squirrels testing my “squirrel proof” feeder, again…..when this little guy landed on my Bottlebrush Bush.5.28.09c 058cs

I stepped back inside and got the camera…he sat there long enough for this one picture.  I cropped in for a closer look below.5.28.09c 058cs (2)


  1. Very nice photo. I saw the bird and its hanging nest of this bird once along New River. It was quite a sight. The colors of the bird are quite brilliant.

  2. They must be nesting nearby. I hear them all is singing right now. But they are so fast.
    Thanks so much for the comments. I'm glad you enjoy my blog. I love checking into yours.

  3. These little birds are so hard to get shots of because they are so quick. You were lucky he landed in such a good spot. It made for a wonderful photo. Good work.


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