Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ibis…in the rain

I was in the computer room working on some pictures for the blog …when an immature Ibis flew into the yard. It was pouring down rain….I’ve seen them at the neighbors but only once before in our yard….so I was thrilled….a few minutes later a White Ibis flew in….then another …and then another…5 all totaled. None of the photos came out but I did get a short video. It’s amazing how far they stab their bills into the ground.

I didn’t hear any of them calling to the others…..they just knew…isn’t nature wonderful?  I hope they come back again…they make great lawn aerators..  Their wings have black tips..but only visible when they fly.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Carolina Wren 3.25.10

Here is another view of the little Wren house. This is just out side my kitchen window, about 4 ft from where I am sitting. I have to shoot through the window screen.


Unlike the Painted Buntings, Titmice, Catbirds and Northern Parula Warblers….the Carolina Wren doesn’t seem to mind living close to us. They could see me while I was taking pictures and making the video…drinking my coffee etc…and they kept right on working. 

When my Mother was here…she had a Carolina Wren that nested under the bathroom window. It was a small crank out window and each year for many years a Wren nested there. Sometimes my Mother would only be a foot or two away from her…she would sit right there and watch her but never left the nest, other than to eat or get food for the babies,  until the babies were ready to go……and the following year , Mom would leave that window open so the little Wren would come back…..and she did. It may not have been the same one…possibly one that was raised there…but Mom always felt like she was waiting for an old friend to come to visit.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Carolina Wren building a nest 3.24.10

I have a cute little birdhouse on my rear deck that sometimes houses little Carolina Wrens. No one nested there last year so I cleaned all the old nesting material out…guess that’s what it needed….a pair have been busy all morning filling it with material of their own.


Both birds brought leaves and twigs from the edge of the woods.


Some of the leaves have a lacey look and their nests are very comfy looking.


I put together this video with several trips made by the busy pair.

Last year I posted baby Carolina Wrens as they left the nest for the first time. You can just see the nest over the top of the little house. I have that all cleaned out and waiting for another pair….this could be a busy spot this year.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hawk on the bow rail

The resident Red Shouldered Hawk has found a new spot to observe the yard from….019cs

The best part is it cant see the front yard where these cute little Mourning Doves hang out.


I’ll have to discourage it from hanging around, though. I’ve convinced it not to sit on the gate or in the palm by the feeders….now I have to work on the bow rail.

Monday, March 22, 2010

3.21.10 Baby Gators in the canal

We took another bike ride this morning. The area we live in is very low and much of the water from the housing developments and town drain into the Black Hammock on it’s way to the lake, so there are canals along all the roads.

We spotted this small (2’) gator on the bank of the canal. Can you find it? ………..Look just below the light brown palm leaf.


Here’s a better shot. Isn’t it a cutie?


A bit farther along the canal I spotted another one about the same size. This one was much easier to see.


Here’s a closer look.


“Baby Face”….you’ve got the cutest little baby face….


Sunday, March 21, 2010


Now here is a sight most of you probably wouldn’t think you’d see in FL.


Most people don’t realize that FL is has a large cattle population.  It’s not unusual to see cattle being moved from pasture to pasture here in the Black Hammock. We only have small herds here, the pastures are only 20 acres or so….and they must be moved often so there is something for them to eat and to allow the grass to grow.  It’s hard to believe…we are only 20 minutes from downtown Orlando…but we live in a nice rural area….though it is getting smaller and smaller.

These Ibis can be found in many yards or canals.


I believe this is a Great Egret. I have 2 pictures that show the color near his eye but can’t find anything about it online or in my bird book. I guess it must be in breeding form.


This Red Shouldered Hawk was watching the herd of cattle. I don’t know if it had it’s eye on the Cattle Egrets or hoping they’d kick up a rodent.


That was our ride for today. 

Friday, March 19, 2010

Indigo Bunting 3.19.10

I have been watching a little brown bird at the feeder start getting a bit more blue every day. We’ve been gone for 2 weeks and he is really looking good.


He looked so beautiful sitting there with the bright red Cardinal.


He will be even more prettier  in another month. I had 7 bright blue males here last year.  There were 2 at the feeder today.


Thursday, March 18, 2010

We’ve been boating

Sorry I haven't had any posting lately.  We’ve been on the boat for the past 2 weeks.

Check out the blog   I have lot’s of wildlife there…but gators seem to be the biggest number.

Now that we are home. I’ll be keeping up with what the rest of you have been doing.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Walking Logue’s Way 2.26.10

We’ve been walking Logue’s Way most every day since my sister has been here. She has a beautiful Golden Lab that needs lots of exercise.

I thought I’d share with you the different types of scenery you would see if you visited this area. There are many hiking trails in the area, and each one has something new to see.

There is a small parking area at the trail head. Stop at the center for a quick look at an overview of the area and pick up a map. The trail is marked but it’s nice to have. Be sure to sign in. If the area is being used it is more apt to be open. Many parks are being closed due to low budgets.

After you leave the sign in, you’ll follow a shell trail.025cs

It’s only a short distance to the first boardwalk.


This is a wetland area….the boardwalk makes it possible to view the area without damaging it, or getting wet.




Whenever we hike a trail we stop an move debris from it….limbs, palm fronds etc. A lot of the work done to keep these places open is by volunteers…so we try to do our part as we enjoy it.

After you leave the boardwalk there is a short trail..



Then you’ll find yourself on another boardwalk.


After you leave the wetland area the landscape changes. It’s higher ground, sandy soil, tall pine trees and low growing palms. A great place for power walking.



The trail makes a loop through this area with many side trails and a couple of shortcuts. After the loop through the “uplands”…you’ll come back to the boardwalks and the trailhead. It is a nice hike…and can be as short or as long as you want. The whole trail is about 4 1/2 miles.

We’ve  met some nice people on the trail. Some riding bicycles, walking dogs, horseback riding and even a couple of “geocachers”. We hadn’t realized there were geocachs out there.  After talking to them, I checked it out on-line, at     If you are looking for a way to get your kids interested in hiking with you….try geocaching.  It looks like an inexpensive hobby…..and lots of fun. They can do research on caches on the internet…load them into the GPS and away you go.   Techno-treasure hunting.