Friday, October 22, 2010

Two Striped Giant Walking Stick

My husband headed to the “Potting Shed” this morning, where he spotted this very large insect. 004cs

I was pretty sure it was a Walking Stick, but it wasn’t the kind I was used to seeing. I grabbed my camera…took a bunch of pictures and a short video…then looked it up on the internet.  is pretty easy to find things on.

After looking at several Walking Stick photos I settled on the Two Striped. 

The male is the smaller, lighter colored one on her back. 035cs

Once it moved into the sunlight…I was surprised to see that it did in deed look like wood…polished wood. It was beautiful. The pictures do not do it justice.


Quick update on the Monarchs…..number 3 emerged and was released today. 10.22.10 Butterfly #3 022cs

Isn’t she beautiful? The colors and polka dots are so vivid.10.22.10 Butterfly #3 031cs

No more expected for a couple of days….but they could surprise me.


  1. Sure is a massive difference in size, he sort of looks like he's going along for a free ride. The video is very cool to see how she so carefully reaches out for a good place to hang on to. Love the shadow.

  2. the monarch migration is amazing!

  3. WOW Carol!! WHat a great find and series of pics. That is a very interesting insects and can be difficult to find.

    Love the butterflies.

  4. The walking sticks are very interesting. The variety of bugs that inhabit our world is really amazing. And the photos of your butterflies--fantastic!!! It posed on the perfect flower.

  5. What an amazing insect that 'Walking Stick' is. It look huge.
    And great to see the Monarchs doing so well.


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