Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Butterfly House

Jim took our old “bird cage” apart…all the wire was removed….the points ground down and then I ground most of the old paint off.  We were working on a “hurry up” schedule…the large caterpillar had started traveling… looking for a place to make his chrysalis.   It’s not fancy…but will do for now.

We screened it all in…put 2 flat slats in the top and one set at an angle for it to use to get to the top. We didn’t have it in the cage more than 5 minutes and it was headed up…right now its on one of the slats. Hope it doesn’t start building tonight.



I couldn’t believe he found his way to the top so fast…044cs

This is the one that was almost an inch a day ago…It’ll be the next one up.


There are 5 smaller one is this plant.


The dark egg hatched yesterday….the lighter one hatched today….another should hatch tomorrow and the last 4 in a day or two.


A week or so ago I couldn’t spot an egg…now I can tell when they are getting close to hatching. They are so small when they first come out it’s almost impossible to spot them.


  1. This is a great butterfly house. Such a treat to watch.

  2. How interesting. Looking forward to the follow up on this post. Diane

  3. Wow--that's great that you are raising monarch butterflies. Hope I see your post when they emerge.

  4. Many thanks for sharing this,I wanna try something like this too, it'll be good to do it with my lil gal!


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