Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Nine Monarchs….10.26.10

By 9 am….9 Monarchs had emerged.

We’ve another beautiful day, here in the hammock. All my windows and doors are open to the fresh air….and a good day for releasing butterflies.

3 of the Monarchs made their chrysalis on a leaf 002cs

and the first one emerged today. You can see part of another one in the upper L under the leaf.017cs

  It was before daylight and the artificial light doesn’t work well with the camera and the screen in the background, but I will post the video anyways. I think you will see at least 3 emerge.

If you watch closely….you can see the one on the leaf and the one at the back of the house…rolling and unrolling their proboscis….this is like a straw that they use to sip nectar from the flowers. I hadn’t noticed them do this before.

Then watch the one on the leaf….you can see it’s thorax (belly) flex and unflex as it pumps the fluid into the wings.

The end of the video shows them getting their exercise before I  let  them go.   This will be my biggest release….I’ve only 8 chrysalis left….they will be out before the other 5 caterpillars are ready.


  1. They go to sleep as caterpillars, and wake as butterflies .............. and know exactly what to do. I find that absolutely amazing. One of Natures miracles.
    Superb Carol.

  2. So fun to watch this process. Too soon it will be over.

  3. That is simply incredible to watch! Thanks for posting it for us!

  4. What a fascinating process! It must have been very exciting to see so many turn into butterflies at one time. You are going to be sad when they all fly away!

  5. Elaine..I released them the same day...and now I am watching a couple of females lay eggs on the 8 plants I put in the ground and the 9 still in pots...they were so busy I had my friend bring up 2 of hers to be "egged"....looks like I'll be starting over again...


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