Tuesday, October 26, 2010

4 Monarchs & 1 Queen emerge today 10.25.10

I was up at 6:45 and enjoying my coffee in the screen room. The full moon had the landscape lit up …I could see better than with a flashlight. I was waiting for the birds to get up. The half hour before daylight they are the most vocal. I had already tossed corn and a couple of carrots for the bunnies. The squirrels show up long after sun up.

I was expecting 4 Butterflies to emerge today, but not until after 11:00.

At 7:00 I glanced at the Butterfly House and saw 2 butterflies out of the Chrysalis.  By 9:00 there were 5.

I only had one Queen in a Chrysalis019cs

I could see the vivid colors and knew it wouldn’t be long….it wasn’t030cs

The video of it’s emerging was too blurry to post……

You can see the difference in color….the Monarch is actually much brighter…the flash washes out it’s color


Here are the 4 Monarchs..062cs

It was fun watching them exercise….  

This isn’t the last of them…I have 17 more….and another 6 caterpillars. 1 is in the “J” and should pupate tomorrow….


  1. This is a fantastic post. It is so great to see al this happening right before my eyes. The video is just magic. Looking forward to the rest of the story. Well done. Diane

  2. This is SO much fun to watch. Could be a way to help save the Monarch by getting more people to help them out like this.

  3. Hi Carol, The butterflies are amazing...Congrats..... Cannot wait to see more!!!!!! I don't get up THAT early anymore... I'm more of a night-owl...

    Hope you have a great week. Enjoy your new butterflies.


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