Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Nature’s Little Pruners

These plants were new yesterday!   And they are already chewing on the stalks. There are 13 in the picture…and one ladybug to control the aphids.001cs

There are 6 Chrysalis in the top and at least 4 in the “J” position and several up there making the web to hold their feet. You can see one that is just starting to pupate.014cs

This is the view at the other end of the house after I added 2 new plants.


Jim took one look at the denuded foliage this morning and said “we need more plants”  so off to the nursery we went.  I picked up 10 small ones and the 2 large ones that I’ve just put in. I’ll keep the 10 little ones to add as needed.

These caterpillars should all be in a Chrysalis in a day or two…by then the 8 eggs I saw on the plants outside will be ready to come in …and we can start all over again.


  1. Oh my gosh, Carol, you have quite a project going! I would love to have some of your weather in the upcoming months. It's gorgeous up here right now, but the COLD is right around the corner, and I am not a fan of cold, snow, and ice! Hope you have a wonderful week!... Donna

  2. Excellent, looks like your caterpillar are doing fine and you will get 8 butterflies... Well done!

  3. Pretty neat! That's a lot of plants they chew through. I guess you'll be glad for a pause when they all go into the pupal stage.

  4. They really are going through those plants! Good thing you have a good source for more. You are obviously providing them what they need. It will be exciting to see them emerge as beautiful butterflies.


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