Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My first Chrysalis

Yesterday afternoon my largest caterpillar made it’s way to the top of the cage….spun a web and anchored it’s hind feet to the top.


A few hours later it dropped into the “J” position….and remained that way all night.


By mid day it looked as if it was getting a bit fatter…you can see that even it’s feet look fat……every now and then there would be a little movement.


Around 4 this afternoon it started to get very active….trying to shed it’s skin for the last time.  085cs

The caterpillar had been changing inside it’s skin to a pupa….it started moving around and the skin eventually moved up to the top087cs

Then it started moving a lot more until it had finally shed the skin. At this point it is very soft.090cs

But within an hour it will harden into a protective shell.


In 9-14 days I will have hatched my first Monarch Butterfly.

Watch the gyrations as it shed’s it’s skin and the pupa emerges..


  1. Amazing! Thanks for the video! How does it feel to be the mama of a 'soon to be' Monarch??

  2. Carol, I'm so excited for you to have this experience! Aren't they amazing creatures? Can't wait to see the butterfly that emerges.

  3. Amazing pictures and video Carol. The sort of thing most people will never see, and you've captured it all beautifully.

  4. That is absolutely amazing! Congrats on your first pupa. This is a Great project. I'm in awe of this process of metamorphosis.

  5. Hi Carol,
    Are you raising them?
    Cool set of pictures with the whole process!

  6. Chris..I hadn't planned to...just got carried away.


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