Thursday, October 21, 2010

2nd Monarch Emerged today 10.21.10

I noticed last evening the Chrysalis was getting darker and clear. I was surprised this morning when it emerged at almost the same time as the first one.  I missed the initial splitting of the Chrysalis. It was outside and the wings were still folded up. That was at 11:55…

This is one end of the house and you can see 8 more waiting.


I think I will keep her in until morning. I have a potted Plumbago in the house and  I made an arrangement of Jatropha, Pentas and Buddleia. She has a choice of pink, red and blue.   So far she’s shown  no interest in them.  My research said they didn’t need to be fed until the next day…and that is most likely why.011cs

For now she is content to hang on the screen and slowly exercise her wings.


I expect another in 2 days…another 2 days later and 2 days after that there could be 4.   After that I had 8 pupate in one day and 8 more the next day….so those 2 days could be interesting.

You’ve probably seen enough Monarchs and caterpillars for awhile…


  1. That is so neat!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such an encouraging comment. Hope you come visit again :)

  2. Oh please keep sharing these emergences with us.

  3. Not enough for me Carol. I've found all these posts fascinating, interesting and the best way for educating to happen.
    For you, a real hands on approach to nature. Excellent.

  4. I am not bored yet, and it will be very exciting when you have that big bunch come out!

  5. You are doing a good thing in raising them in safety and then allowing them to live their lives outside. The first one is beautiful.

  6. I love seeing each and every one. This is fascinating. Thanks for sharing the little beauties.


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