Wednesday, April 3, 2013

White Marked Tussock Moth 4.3.2013

My friend, Debbie, had 2 small Willow trees that she no longer wanted….I did. We went to her place and dug them up….brought them home and planted them.

I have read that Willows are good for bee forage. Don’t know if these are the right Willows but will give them a try….they can always end up firewood if not.

I was watering one and spotted this little White Marked Tussock Moth. Only one so I let it be.


It’s really kind of a pretty little thing. Almost looks like it has a furry little tail.


Unfortunately, fuzzy pretty little caterpillars can cause rashes etc. So I don’t pet fuzzy little caterpillars. Funny….I played with all kinds as a kid and don’t remember any problems.


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