Monday, April 29, 2013

Honey Bee Hive Entrance 4.29.13

I had 2 reducers in the entrance until 4.23.13. I removed one to give them more room after we checked the hive.

This picture was taken 4.12.13…..


When we got home from a week on the river, ( I noticed a larger number of bees and removed the second one.


Most of the bees were cleaning or fanning.


The entrance looks pretty crowded to me. It’s 17 days since the first picture at the top was taken….definitely a few more bees today. You can see one of the reducers to the right of the hive.



The package has been in the hive about 48 days now. I’ve seen 2 good frames of brood and there are probably more…we didn’t want to disturb them more than necessary to see if she was laying well.

When we checked them last week there was only one empty frame. I have a medium super on and will check them in a few days to see if they’ve started building there.

When I put my ear to the back of the hive I can hear a lot of humming in both the deep and the medium super.

The bottom board has 2 sizes.  I am considering turning it over when I check them and putting in reducers for awhile. If I put a white sheet on the ground under the hive stand, I will  be able to see the Queen if she should fall out…I hope…

If you have any suggestions on doing it right away or waiting or just leaving it as is…..I’m listening, and would appreciate them.

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