Monday, April 29, 2013

Cape May Warbler?

I spotted this little bird in my Bottle Brush bush with a Northern Parula Warbler.


These are not very good pictures. I had to take them from a video, but it would not sit still long enough for snapshots.


My field guide said the Cape May Warbler was the only warbler with “chestnut cheeks”.  Sure looks like this one has them.


I’ve put in several photos from different angles so someone who knows their warblers can make a call on this.

It has the black cap, chestnut cheeks and breast stripes.


Florida did not look like part of it’s habitat. That is the reason I am questioning it.


snapshot_012cs  snapshot_013cs

It looks like the Cape May Warbler to me. Perhaps I misunderstood the paragraph on the range for them.snapshot_017cs

Here’s part of the video…also not very good.


  1. It looks like a Cape May Warbler to me. The species will make its way through the east coast of the USA as it is migrating. My guess is this animal is coming from the Caribbean and headed to Canada and took a rest in your neck of the woods. Good find.

  2. It is indeed a beautiful male Cape May warbler.
    And right in time as it passes thru on its spring migration.


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