Monday, April 8, 2013

Hive check 4.8.13

It is a nice warm day, 76*. There are a few big puffy clouds and I opened up the hive when they were overhead so there wouldn’t be any chance of comb damage from the Florida sun.  It’s amazing how hot it can be.

I stacked 2 medium suppers on the cover so I would have a place to put a frame or two.

Jim was suited up, taking pictures and making sure the smoker was working in case I needed it.

I gave them a little puff or two then pulled out a frame.


The first frame had one small comb from the TBH. I put that in the holding box, then slid the next frame with a small comb to the outside. Frame 3 also had a small comb.  Then lifted this one out.

This comb was originally in the TBH that swarmed. That is why it has the nice straight edge on the bottom. I had to cut it to fit the Lang's frame. We trimmed the ends of the top bars so they would fit up inside the frame then Jim put 2 screws in the top to hold them in place.


You can see the other small comb. That came from the TBH too. The 4 frames with 2 screws in the top were originally in the TBH. The one in my hand, one in the holding boxes and 2 in the hive body with the screws.


Here is a close up.  Looks like nectar and pollen?


This is a comb they built themselves….. it looks like sealed brood. If I am wrong please let me know.  After I saw this I decided to quit while I was ahead. I didn’t want to go deeper into the brood nest or risk hurting or losing the Queen.


Here’s a look at frame #6.


All the girls were nice and quiet. Didn’t seem to mind my presence so maybe I wasn’t giving off any anxiety scents. It looked like there was comb on the other frames so I didn’t mess with them.

Since there were 3 frames with small comb started, and the others filled out,  I decided to place a medium on them.  If they continue to look active and bring in lots of pollen, maybe I wont have to open them again for awhile. Darn!! 

I always wonder how much damage I am doing when I start moving stuff around and do I remember to put it back as I found it.

How do the feral bees manage without a keeper poking her nose into their business every few weeks?

I have more fun sitting in a chair watching the ladies coming and going than I do watching TV. Much more interesting. When they get tired of me sitting there…someone will buzz me and I go on my way.

They’ve been in the hive 26 days….I think the numbers should start increasing soon, if they haven’t  already.

I know there are a lot of bees out foraging and it looks like there are a fairly good number on the combs that I pulled, and even more on those that I didn’t…..does it look like more than a package would contain? I hope so…..

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  1. You are exactly right on your identification of what is in your hive...your brood pattern looks great too so you probably have a good queen in there. In my opinion, now is the time to find your the spring/summer progress, there will be a lot more bees and it gets harder to spot her. Just treat every frame as if it has the queen on it. You should get proficient at finding her and it does def get easier once you get used to seeing her. Eggs are always a good sign, but nothing beats seeing her now and then either.


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