Friday, April 12, 2013

Honey Bees bringing in pollen

The package of Honey Bees has been in the hive 30 days. At 1:30 this afternoon I decided to see if I could get some pictures of them bringing in pollen.

I like the way they line up to come in.


I like this photo because you can really see the eye on the one in the air.


I took these out of the video at the bottom. I see 2 distinct colors of pollen. None of the Spiderwort are blooming now. I don’t know where they are getting it.


A couple of very full sacs.


It looks like a lot of pollen for a small number of Honey Bees, but then…what do I know.   I ‘m not sure what percentage of bees are pollen bees, nectar bees and water bees. I do know that the water bees will take nothing but water. We had some getting water from our boat a few years ago and didn’t realize what they were doing. So we put a plate of honey near them and they ignored it. They had a job to do and they did it.

You have to watch very closely to see them come in with the pollen they are so fast. They seem to know exactly where to land unless another bee is clogging up the “skyway”.

Orientation flight this afternoon. It gets very busy for a few minutes then they all head back inside to finish their jobs. It’s fun to watch the workers try to get inside with all the traffic. You can see one with pollen just in front of the hive opening. They just keep on working.


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  1. What a cool series of photos! Beekeeping is fascinating. We are still white from the Big Snow earlier in the week, it is fun to see "summertime" activities going on somewhere :o)


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