Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Honey Bees on Spiderwort 4.10.13

I planted a few Spiderwort plants last year and loved watching the Honey Bees gathering pollen.

There are a lot of plants along the road that will be mowed down by the city very soon. I transplanted several in my yard. I’m trying to make it easier for my small package of Honey Bees to grow and become a nice strong hive. Hope that not having to travel so far will increase their life span.


I sit on the porch and watch them. Then I run down to the hive and see if I can spot them coming in. Who knows…they could be feral bees or from someone else’s hive.


It’s amazing how much they can carry.


I’ve got about 25 good sized plants and about that many small ones. I hope I have twice that many next year.


The blooms only last till mid afternoon but new ones open the next morning. I never realized how pretty the little stems were until I cropped this photo…you can see a drop of dew on the leaf.


What a little beauty!


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