Sunday, March 24, 2013

Jim’s latest project

We bought this truck knowing it would need some body work. The hood had a lot of pits in the paint…all the way across the front.

I was busy with the bees and didn’t get a picture of the damage..but here is what it looked like after he finished the body work


Evidently it had a flat tire and damaged the R fender. Took a couple of chunks out of it and put a big crack in it.


The L fender had a couple of dents…he made a tool to pull them out them filled them in.


The L  rear fender also had a big crack and some other damage.


The top of the fender had several chips and small cracks.


We don’t have a paint booth or a building big enough to put the truck in….so he pulled it out into the drive…..taped paper where he didn’t want paint and got started.

The heavy rain last night had packed all the dust down and that was a big help.



Had to get one bee off the hood.


and then a second one landed….I was sure hoping the swarm wouldn’t decide to see if it was a big hive.


And the finished product after 5 coats…..the fender with the worst damage behind the rear wheel.


Not bad for a back yard paint job….


Sure wish I could show you what it looked like before he started on it.

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  1. Not bad at all! Love seeing the work of a real craftsman, so many people don't take the time or pride of workmanship any more.


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