Thursday, January 28, 2010

Squirrels in the Brazilian Pepper bushes 1.27.10

The Brazilian Pepper bushes are a very invasive species but the Robins stop here every year, on their migration, to fill up on them.

I hadn’t seen the big flock lately and was checking the trees for them when I spotted a couple of  squirrels dining on the berries.


I love to  watch them running around these flimsy little branches. They are such agile little critters.

A few days ago, one was  in the tops of the trees, where the branches appeared  to be bare. Evidently it was  feasting on the tiny new buds. Today there a few new leaves on them. 2 days of ran and the nice warm sunshine has started them leafing out.


This is a closer look at the branches in the center of the picture.


Hope we don't get another frost and lose all the nice green leaves.


  1. Too fun. Squirrels do get around in the most amazing places. If I spook any of our squirrels here, they take the most amazing leaps out of the treetop to land in another tree, bush etc. They never fall though.

  2. As always, love your pictures and videos. What a wonderful yard you have!!

    Have you seen the YouTube of the Squirrel Obstacle Course? It's so funny. Have the sound up for the Mission Impossible music!

  3. I'm not sure if my comment posted or not, I had some problems. I just wanted to say how much I enjoy the goings on in your back yard and to let you know about a YouTube video, the Squirrel Obstacle Course. Have your music on for the Mission Impossible theme.

  4. Those trees seem to feed a lot of wildlife. Cute video of the squirrels. Helen

  5. What an entertaining show the squirrels put on for you. They look like kids in a candy store.

  6. cute! How many squirrel species are there in Florida? Could you post again on 'em? I adore squirrels, used to keep orphan ones for pets as a kid. They make such fussy and consistent pets,you know.


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