Friday, January 8, 2010

SNAKES……..Florida Blue Garter (Aug ‘09)

I have to say this is my favorite. I was unable to capture the true color.


It really had a more turquoise color than I can show you in these pictures.


It was under the ramp going into the “potting shed” (Jim took it over for his shop).

Look at the pattern.055

And the size of it’s eye. 


Doesn’t it look like a cartoon?


I know it’s a weird way to describe a snake…but doesn’t it have the cutest little face you ever seen?


After it let me take several pictures…it headed off on it’s way…


That was the only time I saw one like this. I was hoping they were all over. Oh well, maybe next year.


  1. Not weird to me. This was my first pet snake as a kid.
    Great pics of a beautiful snake.

  2. It is a very cute snake -- I don't think it's a weird way to describe it at all ;)

  3. It does have an incredibly cute face - I just love that second to last photo where he's peering around the edge of the wood at the camera!

  4. Beautiful. I had a pet garter snake as a child and the whole family loved it. Even my dad shed a tear when he died! Mine was just black and yellow though, not a posh blue one!

  5. Great shots of the snake. He looks innocent enough with those big eyes!

  6. These are great captures! Definately shows the intricate patterns. It's an adorable face.

  7. Stunning images of a species that most fear even when classed as harmless.

  8. That's a beauty. Lovely markings on him; and that second from last shot, wow!

  9. Just saw one of these with my kids yesterday in my yard. I had to get a closer look because he was just so darn pretty! Glad to know he wasn't dangerous (although I must say I was glad he crawled beneath my neighbor's house and not mine...).


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