Friday, January 22, 2010

Red Shouldered Hawk 1.23.10

My husband, Jim, gave me a loud whisper shout….”there’s a Hawk by the gate!!!”

So I grabbed my camera and headed towards the screen door. I had to take the pictures thru the screen so they arn’t the best quality. But it sure is beautiful.

It look like he’s trying to decide if the “fence cat” is edible or not.


Actually it had something under it’s foot…maybe a lizard. It probably thought the cat was a threat to its meal.  Whatever it was, it was gone quickly and I saw no feathers.

After it finished it little morsel it flew up to the top of the gate. It’s looking right at my bird feeder…but no birds on it.


Such a beautiful bird.


Look at the sparkle in it’s eye.


In the video you can hear one of the birds giving warning to the others.


  1. Good pictures and video! I've never seen one of these up close. Looks like he's off to look for his next meal!

  2. How amazing! Thanks for always sharing!

  3. Nice shots! He really is a beautiful bird. I must say though that I don't like the predatory birds hanging around my feeders. Makes me feel like I am providing buffet service for them.

  4. Carol this is an excellent sighting. The first pic is rather amusing, but maybe not to the hawk.

  5. Cute video and great pictures. When the Robin started singing I saw that head swivel around trying to find where the sound came from. Guess the feeders emptied when it came it sight. They do that here. Can't say as I blame them. Also the Blue Jays alerts them here when one lands nearby. Helen

  6. I love that puzzled look on its face in the first shot!

  7. Nice opportunity! Good for you for capturing it.


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