Monday, February 1, 2010

A Day at the Beach

This is a bit of a change from my “backyard” critters.

My sister, Joanne, and I went to New Smyrna Beach for a day of walking and looking for shells.

We found some beauties! 002cs We visited with another shell picker and he said he was finding shells that he’d never seen before. We even found a few Sea Urchins.008cs

My sister has lived in FL for many years and said that she had never found even one Crucifix Fish. We found 25-30 yesterday. They have an interesting legend.


“Of all the fishes in the sea our lord chose the lowly sailcat to remind us of his misery

His body on the cross is outlined, The hilt of the sword which was plunged into his side is clearly defined.

Look at the back of the fishes bone where the Roman shield is shown. When you shake the cross you will hear the dice being tossed for our Lords blood stained dress, those who can hear them will be blessed.”


I love watching the Gulls. Joanne tossed a piece of tangerine to 1 gull and the next thing we knew we had a small flock following us. I saw one gentleman jogging down the beach with a big flock keeping him company. I kept watching and realized he had a small bag of something for them and would toss them  a bit every few strides. A nice way to have company on your jog.


I don’t spend a lot of time at the beach, so I’d never noticed these Black Skimmers before. It has a very big beak and doesn’t look very impressive here, all fluffed up from the cold wind. Almost like a stuffed animal.


But they are so beautiful and graceful in flight.058csThe lower part of their bill is longer than the top. You really have to look close to see it.



And for all of those still stuck in the ice and snow of the north…here is a bit of Florida sand and surf for you….


  1. carol...Love these photos a lot; the shells are awesome --well all the pictures are!

  2. Nice post, Carol! It was fun to see the sand, surf and birds. Our "sand" is a blanket of white snow, and our surf amounts to the wind blowing the snow into drifts. But it's still beautiful and refreshing.

  3. Loved your post today! I used to live in Virginia Beach and it looked just like your video showed at this time of year -- no tourists, just the birds and the ocean. I could almost smell the salt air! Thanks for the information and pictures, too. Loved this.

  4. I enjoyed sharing your day at the beach Carol; just what I needed.
    The Black Skimmer looks quite a large bird, and certainly has a strange bill.

  5. Always love watching the skimmers working the waves when we had the chance to visit Sanibel.

    Fun to see New Smyrna Beach, my aunt and uncle used to visit friends there when I was a kid. I remember postcards arriving from the beach about the time we were having another snow storm in the Adirondacks. We were so jealous of our cousins!

  6. A beach is always interesting.I recently visited the beach near my old home and observed a very thin layer of coral,for the first time!

  7. New Smyrna is one of my favorite beaches...a lot more quiet than Daytona. I love Cape Canaveral National Seashore, too. We haven't been in such a long time.

    Your pictures are so beautiful! I've never seen a crucifix fish! What a find!

    Lovely post! You should do beach ones more often.

  8. I just caught up with your blog. the skimmers are superb and the Terns in the video are they Crested Terns. Your blog is stunning

  9. oh ..thanks..I needed a bit of the coast! in arizona now..wont be there until summer.

  10. The puffy skimmer is so cute! I've only ever seen them on vacations (since I live in the great white north) and those vacations have always been in the summer. It was great to get a glimpse of wintertime beach.

  11. Great pictures. I have never seen or even heard of the Crucifix Fish. They look weird. The Bible speaks a lot about fish and fishing. Loved the video. We even got some snow last Friday. Helen


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