Wednesday, January 13, 2010

“Greenies” (Painted Buntings) 1.23.10

I had to put a cage on the feeders to keep the Blackbirds out.

Here are a couple of the Greenies.  They can be either females or adolescent males.


Here is a closer look at the back…they are really very pretty.


You can see they have the company of a male in this picture. He is just visible on the L of the feeder.


So far, I have seen 4 Greenies at one time and 4 brightly colored males. One of the green birds is just starting to get a bit of color on it’s breast. It’s the first one I have seen like that. I hope I am able to get a picture of it. So I know at least one of the green birds is a male.

My neighbor down the road has several Painted Buntings coming to her feeders. A few years ago I had never seen one. Now I have at least 8 buntings.

I’ve also seen one brown bunting. I believe it to be a female Indigo. I keep watching for a bright blue one to show up.


  1. Those are beautiful birds. Great idea to keep the blackbirds out of the feeders. Helen

  2. Fantastic birds - it is also a good way to keep squirrel out of the feeder.

  3. check out!
    They need your sightings of Painted Buntings!

    Don't the blackbirds get in thru the bottom?

  4. Neat idea to keep the blackbirds out! Those buntings are very pretty! Encourage them to come on up north to MS.

  5. Anonymous- I have been reporting sightings to PBOT since last year. I think I saw a 5th Green bird this morning. Do you have them also?

  6. Bill S- so far they havn't figured that out yet (bottom)...but the squirrel can get through the squares. They cant get to this feeder because of a squirrel guard, but it makes my "squirrel proof" feeder less squirrel proof.

  7. Hi! anon again.
    Yes. I have PABUs as well.My favorite bird.
    Its a good year for them-had 21f5m one day this fall.
    Also am avid fan of PBOT. Dr Jamie rocks!
    Really hoping that his research becomes better known and more folks become Bunting team members.

    tricia (who struggles with profiles...)

  8. Beautiful bird Carol. Must be great having them visit.

  9. They look like little parrots. Beautiful birds. I'm looking forward to seeing the adult males and females together.

  10. Well, now I know where to go to add this beautiful bird to my life list!


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