Friday, January 15, 2010

Robins 1.13.10

Every year the Robins stop here in big flocks. There were several hundred in the back yard. Most of the plants have died because of the frost but the Robins have been finding something to eat.


The main reason they stop is for the berries on the Brazilian Pepper bush. A very invasive species. The road in here and around the edges of the clearing are full of them. And they are loaded with berries. With a very Christmas holly look.


You can see several Robins feeding and flying in and out of the bushes.

The trees were full of birds.


Then they head to the birdbath. So handsome.


I look forward to their arrival every year and hate to see them leave. There are so many that the trees are alive with movement and sound.


  1. Nice video of the Robins. I didn't know until last year that they migrated in flocks. One day I went out in the yard and a big oak tree was just full of Robins.

  2. Nice post and lovely photos! We get the robins here in the summer, but I never see them in big flocks. In my bird book it shows that they breed mostly in Canada and Alaska. I did manage to get some shots of juvenile birds right before they migrated south this year.

  3. I have robins year round visiting my birdbaths. They particularly appreciate the de-icer I have when it gets to the -0 range. I found they will bathe down to about 30F, then only drinking goes on. South Dakota robins are tough birds.

  4. That must be a great sight to see; so many, all together like that.
    Lovely shot at the birdbath.

  5. Those Robins sure stay busy! Nice post.

  6. Such a beautiful bird to have visiting in throes. I love to see the trees full of birds. I'll bet they like the energy those berries give them along their journey. Nice capture on the birdbath.

  7. I'm in Indiana and Robins are a sure sign of spring here. I read somewhere that they send scouts ahead and if they don't come back then the whole flock flies to their summer range. I don't know if that's true or not, but we do see one or two before we see big flocks, but not as big as you have! Wonderful!! Thank you for the video -- a little bit of spring for me on a cold day. :)

  8. Wow! That's a lot of robins. We see a few flocks moving through in the fall, but not on the same scale as you.


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