Monday, November 9, 2009

Tiny Butterfly?

I spend time walking around the yard to see what is moving in or out. I did not know what this was until I downloaded it to the computer.


This flower (weed) is only an inch across.  So the butterfly  would be less than half an inch. I thought a piece of lint was drifting by, until it landed.  It looks like it has pom-poms on the end of it’s body.


Have not had any luck finding out what it’s name is. It’s body doesn’t resemble any of the Skippers I’ve seen.


  1. Whatever it is it is a beautiful thing. Helen

  2. A strange, but beautiful looking butterfly.
    Hope you find out what it is Carol.

  3. Wow, so tiny and gorgeous. Maybe it's a cheerleader.

  4. It's a moth. Look up Melonworm Moth, Diaphania hyalinata. Great shot!

  5. Wow, that's cool! I have no idea what it is, either. Could it possibly be a moth rather than a butterfly??

    Whatever it is, beautiful shot!

  6. Hi there, found your blog today and was
    intrigued by the headline. Always up for
    a challenge, I wanted to check it out. I
    knew right away it was a familiar moth. If
    you google Melonworm Moth you will find
    many sites with plenty of information and
    photos of this beauty. Hope I was some help.
    Hap in New Hope (MN)

  7. What a strange looking creature! I've been catching up on your blog. The hog shots are fantastic and I really love the shots of the swallowtail.

  8. Thanks for the help folks...Mealworm Moth..I did plant a few cucumber plants and I guess it feeds on them..I know something was drilling holes in them...worth losing them for the pictures and knowledge. I didn't think Moth...since I saw it on a flower...need to broaden my thinking, I guess..anyways ..thanks..

  9. Nice shots of the Mealworm Moth. You may have already found this info in your research, but the "pom-pom tail" aids in disbursing pheromones which both males and females emit so they can find each other without resorting to singles bars.

  10. Congratulations! I have chosen you as one of my recipients of the Best Blog Award. Please check out my post for details and a link for the picture that goes along with the award.

    Peace and Love,
    PonchoMeg: The Modern Bohemian


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