Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Skipper on my Bougainville

There are two nice Bougainville bushes just outside my computer room window. The Skippers really seem to like it.014cs

They really haven't had as much activity as I thought they would,  being so close to the Bottlebrush…I guess they are not as popular, but the Bottlebrush has gone past it’s bloom for another week or two, so everything is heading to the Bougainville.


These two Skippers were very busy. A bit skittish…so I had to stand and wait for them to get used to me being there and coming back. Here he has his “sipper” all rolled up and ready to go.


This is my favorite.



  1. I love the way skippers mouth curls up when not it use. Great pictures.

  2. Tremendous pictures. There's a violent winter storm outside my computer room window right now. Nice to escape to FL for a few minutes.

  3. That last shot is superb Carol.

  4. Wonderful pictures, Carol!!! Don't you just love to watch them insert their 'drinking straw' into each tiny flower!!

  5. This is a supurb set of shots! Good work.

  6. Love those shots. Beautiful. Helen

  7. Lovely photos. It's rather more wintery where I am!

  8. I'm very jealous that you have such beautiful blooms outside the window at this time of year. Superb captures Carol. FAB


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