Thursday, November 12, 2009

Painted Buntings…

I have been seeing the Painted Buntings for a few weeks but  had no luck with pictures.

Here’s one of the males…


I’ve noticed that the Cardinals are more than willing to share the feeders with the Buntings…while they chase other Cardinals away. I know the Buntings prefer the white millet and the Cardinals like the Sunflower seeds..perhaps they also like the red millet, so they don’t see the Buntings as a threat to a food source…


The green buntings or “Greenies” can be either a female or a young male.


So far, I have seen 2 Greenies and 2 males…


Last year I had 4 males and at least as many greens spend the winter here. I also had 7 male Indigo Buntings…but have not seen any yet.


  1. That painted Bunting sure shows nature's superb display of colors. I see Cardinals here all the time and in the spring an Indigo Bunting. Nice captures. I have a hard time with birds.

  2. Gosh Carol...I can see why they are called 'painted'. FAB.

  3. Those are beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Helen

  4. I love the Painted Buntings, they are one of my favorite birds. Great photos. I would be thrilled if there were at my feeders.

  5. Amazing colours of those Painted Buntings. What a feast for the eyes to see them visiting the feeders.

  6. That Painted Bunting is beautiful!

  7. I'm soooo jealous of your Painted Buntings!!!
    I'd probably faint if I saw one of these at our feeder. Send some of them on up to Mississippi!

  8. I would definitely faint if one showed up on my feeders in the Black Hills of South Dakota!!!

    Painted Buntings are probably my "spark bird". They were in the hedges around my aunt's house in Lake Worth, FL at Christmas time in 1959, when we spent the holiday with her. I was ten. It was magical.

  9. Carol, You are so lucky to have those gorgeous little birds at your feeder. The colors are brilliant. Lucky Girl!!!!!! Send some up this way--but they probably wouldn't make it through the winter here.. Sigh!

  10. Wow, what an amazing bird! I dream of seeing a painted bunting some day.


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