Sunday, November 29, 2009

Blue Butterfly in KY


Sorry I havn’t been keeping up with the blogs lately. We have been on the St Johns River, FL for the past two weeks. So check out the blog….    We had a great time…saw many Manatees and other wildlife. 

On our trip to KY, earlier this year, I spotted this pretty blue butterfly. I am not sure what kind it is.z 049c

At first, I thought it might be a Swallowtail but on closer inspection I dont see the “tail”.  z 046c

It cooperated very nicely for the photos. Willingly sat on the sidewalk for them.


  1. I think that is called a red-spotted purple. Beautiful pictures!

  2. It is beautiful. I made a picture of one last year that had that color blue on the bottom half and the top half was a darker blue but no brown anywhere. I never found out what kind it was after researching everywhere I could. Helen

  3. PS Try this site from KY. Helen

  4. Beautiful! It's a Red Spotted Purple!

  5. Carol,
    That is a very common Red-spotted Purple, NABA now calls it an Red-spotted Admiral. We set out rotten fruit in the summer, once I got 22 of them on a melon rind here.

  6. A beautiful sheen to his wings Carol.
    Whatever it is, it looks quite big. A beauty.


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