Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Eastern Amber wing 6.29.15

These little guys hang around my Passion Vine.


Sure hope they are not munching on my little caterpillars.019c

I guess one is a male and the other a female….but not sure.


On June 6 2009 I came home and spotted one on my bottlebrush bush…

Got my step ladder out and started taking pictures.

I almost got sun stroke I was out there so long…and it was hot.


I think this link will take you to it. If not just type Eastern Amber wing into the search box and it will come up.

I wasn’t able to get nice pictures like in that post. I was thrilled when I downloaded them to the computer.

I took this picture from the post… It looks like it has a clown face.

insect3 011cs_thumb[1]

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  1. Great photo captures, Carol! Your Amber Wing is exquisite! And when we study up on these little jewels we realize they are every bit as fascinating as African big game. Time for me to reread my camera manual as my focusing is too much miss and not enough hit. Thanks for that treat!


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