Sunday, June 7, 2015

Our workers 6.3.15

These little guys used to come in the yard and raid my bird feeders.


I decided to put them to work. Our yard has a weed that takes over everything. Years ago my Mom tried killing it with weed killer and it just kept coming back.

I don’t like pesticides or herbicides so the Raccoons are helping us out.


We have a “feral” cat feeder that Jim built to feed our cats when we are away…Raccoons can’t get into it.

I keep a bag of dog food around, but use cat food from the feeder every couple of days.

I toss it along the edge of the woods in the deepest vines.

This one is feeling around with it’s front feet looking for a piece…


They have to dig around and in doing that it helps flatten out some of the vines…keeps them from climbing.

The cats enjoy the show…


Some days I only see one…..but there is a set of three that come in together….here are two of them.


and the third one.


Look at this cute little face….It knows I am looking at it. I snapped this picture and it was gone.


We like to keep them skittish….when they see us get up and walk around they head for the bushes…same if we go outside. Don’t want them to get used to people…someone else might just kill them.

They can be destructive but they’ve been pretty good since I started giving them the old food. It’s tiny pieces and they have to search through all the weeds to find it…

They don’t find enough to fill them up and I think we are just one of the stops they make during the day.

I toss the food first thing in the morning so I get to watch them while having my coffee….along with  the squirrels…doves…Honey Bees….Butterflies…I check my bushes each day to see how the caterpillars are growing….never gets dull around here.



  1. Very clever, Carol! Entertainment and almost free mega cute gardeners in one strategy. I like your idea of keeping them skittish. Unfortunately, not every one is critter friendly. A little kindness pays off in having such a vibrant and biodiverse community. Love your posts!

  2. This video has inspired me and so many other people


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