Thursday, July 2, 2015

Viceroy Butterfly and caterpillars 7.2.15

This is the Viceroy Butterfly..


It looks a lot like a Monarch. There is a black stripe on the lower wing and dots around the edge.

It is a much richer color than the Monarch or Queen.


I’ve had one come into the yard for the past few years….this year I had two….

While watering my African Blue Basil plants I spotted an odd looking thing on a willow type plant that I was going to have Jim remove….so glad I didn’t.


Weird looking little guy…kinda like a bird dropping…but it was munching away on the plant.



I’ve spotted 5 so far…




The plant is about 4’ from the front of my “pink”bee hive and I am in the bee line when looking for these little guys….that means I get bumped in the head when they are on the way in. Had one get caught in my hair a few days ago…go stung…but guess I needed my bee therapy.

I can’t wait to see what the chrysalis looks like…

I now have Queen , Zebra Long Wing , Gulf Fritillary and Viceroy caterpillars….had a few Monarchs but not many this year.

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  1. Thanks for the Viceroy lesson. Now I know to look for that colour and black stripe on the lower wing. I'll be interested to see what your mystery caterpillar morphs into. For their size, they can certainly munch their way through a lot of leaves.


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