Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Passion Flower caterpillars 5.30.15

My Passion Flower is really filling out and has lots of blooms.


Two butterflies use this as a larval plant.

The Zebra Longwing….


Here she is laying eggs on the new growth at the end of the vine.


They lay several eggs in the same spot. The caterpillars are yellow when very small then become white with black spikes.


You can see the difference here….they like to stay together on the plant.


This is the Gulf Fritillary….


She lays her eggs on the broad leaves. If you look close you can see two near the bloom.

Her caterpillars are reddish with black spikes.


They don’t group like the Longwings do. So far, I’ve only spotted these two but there are plenty of eggs….one just below the caterpillar.

011c (2)

In this photo you can see the skin the white one shed.


Butterflies and caterpillars are fascinating…

Wasps get some of the caterpillars and the little lizards. I guess that is natures way…if all the eggs survived there would be no plant left to feed them.

I started another with a few sticks to grow on.


I also have one started up a Cabbage Palm. I checked it this morning and it has half a dozen caterpillars on it too.

They grow wild along the road into our place and I take a few to plant in my yard.

The blooms have a beautiful fragrance and I hope to have them climbing all over my front porch…the breeze comes from there and would push it inside when the weather is cool enough to have the doors open….usually early morning, then I have to close up….at least during the summer.

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  1. I think the Zebra Longwing is very elegant. Have not seen them in my northern area. It must be delightful to watch them hatch and grow through their stages. Thank you for sharing.


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