Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Butterfly House is in session 8.06.13

Saturday I noticed a few small hatchlings on the milkweed plants. There were also a lot of small black ants running up and down the plants…figure they were either harvesting the eggs or the newly hatched caterpillars…so brought the plants inside.

2 Giant Milkweed ( wide thick leaves) and a couple Tropical Milkweed (thin slender leaves).


Can you spot the caterpillar?


Here’s a closer look….just below the yellow buds on the Tropical Milkweed. It’s at least 1 –2 days old.


This one may be 3 days old.


In this hot weather it will be big enough to pupate at 9 – 10 days.

Here you can see the difference between the thick Giant Milkweed leaves and the long slender Tropical Milkweed leaves. 3 day old caterpillar in the red circle.


Not sure how many caterpillars are in there right now. Just brought 6  in today, so should be around 20 or so. In 2 or  3 days we can look in and spot them right away….now I have to hunt for them.

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