Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Monarch Butterflies 8.21.13

It always makes me think of laundry day….they hang there and dry their wings.


I released 12 today.  There are a few more to go.

You can see a Queen caterpillar in a “J” in the back. She has 2 sets of antenna. Both are hanging straight down….she pupated a few minutes after I took this. Her chrysalis looks similar to the Monarch’s but does show a light pink color later on.


This was an escapee. I have a basket on the top of the Butterfly House where I keep some small tools etc. Thread and scissors for tying up a “J” or Chrysalis that is on a leaf. This on was on a plastic bag in the basket. I keep several small sticks to tie them to. I’ve found them on the ceiling, under the coffee table and even on the foot stool. Always on the lookout for one.


I’ve 4 tiny Queens….they’ll go inside as soon as the rest of the Monarch’s have gone to the top.

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