Saturday, August 10, 2013

Hive Check ….2 weeks after first swarm

I decided to do a hive check….there have been 2 swarms from this hive and I killed a white larva with a brown head that was almost in the hive. I think it was a wax moth larva. They can ruin a weak hive.
Good news….no wax moth larva in the hive…no small hive beetle larva on the combs…..but all brood has emerged. There will be no more bees unless they have a new Queen and she gets mated and starts laying.
Here are some of the frames as I checked them for eggs…the sign of a new mated Queen.  I couldn’t spot any…
005cs     013cs
Jim tried to get pictures of both sides of each frame…
017cs   019cs
He was photographing in bright sun light and thru a veil. We were not sure how the bees would be acting….but they were pretty nice. No stings.
I had hoped to be able to zoom in and check for eggs…but he was too far away. It is probably too soon for a Virgin Queen to have gotten mated and laying.
Since there is no capped brood…there will be no more new bees and these bees only live about 5 or 6 weeks during the busy foraging season. I did see empty Queen Cells…but one may have left with the second swarm.007cs
I've been told by a knowlegeable "beek" that this is an "anticipation" cell. They make them ...tear them down...make them...guess they keep them on hand incase they need a new Queen. The Queen cell would look more like a peanut.

I’ve been over and over these photos but cannot find a Queen. I don’t think a Virgin Queen would be very easy to spot anyways…
2  more anticipation cells
might be another in the upper L corner…
I believe this is the other side of the one above.
I think this one has a little capped honey in it….and maybe a couple of open Queen Cells in the lower left corner.044cs
Now here’s a nice mess….looks like the starter strip came out and they’ve just worked around it. I put it back just as I found it…might be a Virgin Queen running around on it somewhere and I wasn’t going to take any chances.
I was surprised there were this many bees…If you had seen the size of both swarms you’d think the hive would have been empty.
You can tell by the picture above….these are foundationless frames. They make their own honey comb for brood and honey stores. There is a bit of capped honey on the top of this one and 2 full medium frames of honey.
If any of you beeks out there see something that I can’t….please let me know.
There are a lot of Drones….they still bring in pollen….and they still have orientation flights. All they need is a Queen…a laying Queen.

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