Monday, July 29, 2013

Honey Bees cleaning wax 7.29.13

After crushing and straining the honey out of the wax, I let the bees clean all the utensils I used.

The white stuff in the top of the jars is the wax that is separating itself from the honey. The honey then filtered thru a paint strainer into the jar below. (duct tape prevents it from getting knocked over).

That honey tastes even better than it looks.


Yesterday I started putting out a small plate of the wax for them to clean out.


This morning I put out another….within 4 minutes there were a few bees on it…..they must have been waiting for me.


Most of the time they work together to move flakes around…some even get carried off. I find them in the grass.

Once in awhile you will see a couple fighting….not sure if they are from different hives or just fighting over a piece of wax.

This may look like a lot of bees……but believe me….it’s not. Just open up a hive and look inside…..and when we watched them swarm, we couldn’t believe there were any left…but there is. Sure hope they made a nice Queen to take over.

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