Thursday, April 2, 2009

Morning Doves

We have a small flock of around 12 Morning Doves.4.2.09 007 cIn the  morning and evening, they come in all at once but generally there are only a few at the feeder , during the day.  Most eat off the ground, but I do have one or two who have figured out how to sit on the top of one feeder and eat from the other. I had to separate them a bit or they will empty it in a day.

In this picture they look like they’ve fallen asleep….with their heads hanging down… …but…they are grooming themselves.4.2.09c 045c

The fence they are sitting on encloses the dog’s yard. It  is a small area, with bottle brush, honeysuckle vines, a tangelo tree, bougainvillea , and hibiscus planted around the outside for cover. Inside is a big jasmine bush.  This helps break up the flight line of the hawks3.29.09 Hawk 012 and gives the doves some protection.  These are of the same Red Shouldered Hawk. He is sitting across the driveway from the feeders. He looks lighter in the top photo..he was sitting in bright sunshine then moved to the area under  a cabbage palm, in the shade.  It is a big beautiful bird.

Immature Red Shoulder Hawk, Pale FL form The trees around the fenced yard provide the kind of low bushy cover the Buntings like.

My biggest problem is getting the feeders positioned so the squirrels cant jump to them..

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